Donator Spotlight – Commercial Water Softeners


The Company

We’d like thank the Robert B. Hill Commercial Water Softener Company for supporting VWIN. Their employment of veterans returning to civilian life is a model that we wished more companies emulated. This company makes industrial and commercial water softeners for both public and private institutions.

What They Do – Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners

For almost 60 years this company has been in the business of manufacturing commercial water softeners. Commercial water softeners are used in locations that need something larger than your standard off the shelf water softener, but smaller than the complex industrial water softeners that Hill specializes in. You might use a commercial water softener in a location like a laundromat or apartment complex.

How Can You Help

A job is a primary factor for smoothing the transition from military to civilian life. It all comes down to stability. Among the obvious necessity for an income, jobs provide structure to difficult and strange transition.

Another way to help is hire or encourage those above you to hire veterans. Often times this group is overlooked and the hiring of veterans can provide tax and other financial incentives.

Finally, lobby your congress person to do more for our veterans. They risked their lives to protect our country and taking ten minutes to write a letter can have a bigger impact than you might believe.

In Closing

We’d like to again thank the Hill Commercial and Industrial Water Softener company for supporting our veterans. If you have any needs in this space, please support this company.