VWIN Charter

A Historical Record of the VWIN Charter

 The VWIN Resolution was first endorsed by The Military Coalition, and later by Members of the United States House and Senate Committees on Veterans’ Affairs.  Congressman Mike Doyle (PA) introduced Bill HR 5552 on October 25, 2000 before reintroducing it on January 31, 2001 as Bill HR 336.  This bill was based on the contents of the VWIN Resolution.

Charter Drafted by VWIN

January 20, 1998

WHEREAS,  nearly 1,500 Veterans die daily, many survived by widows and other dependents, and

WHEREAS,  thousands of such referred individuals already exist nationwide and overseas, and

WHEREAS,  most of them not being auxiliary members of Service Organizations, are not aware of their respective Posts which offer help with veterans’ benefit services, and

WHEREAS,  such organizations including counseling services offered by the Department Veterans’ Affairs throughout its regional offices and Veterans’ Hospitals nationwide, and

WHEREAS,  Veterans’ Widows and dependents are more often than not relegated last in order of attention or sometimes misled as to their qualifications for benefits, and

WHEREAS,  the numerous closure of existing bases, Casualty Offices and Retirees’ Affairs Services further restrict access to sources of information, and

WHEREAS,  there is no effective coordination of Veterans’ Widows and dependents benefit programs and services at any echelon,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the House and Senate Committees on Veterans’ Affairs enact specific legislative goals to create a National Office which will consolidate all major activities regarding our military widows, wives (Vietnam & Desert Storm Wars) and dependents of those entrusted to safeguard the freedom and security of our nation.